About Me:

Average Software developer from Melbourne who got passion for the code. Advocate for the best practices and I believe that i will always be a junior developer. Because more i learn more i realize how much i don’t know.

I believe that someday we developers stop blaming Frameworks, Topologies or IO mediums for bad software. We will acknowledge the fact that most of the time particular application sucks because developers ignored few very basic principles of software constructions.

Here are the few notions that i hear every other day.

  • Blame it all on Monoliths (Moving to Micro-Services will automatically solve all my deployability and maintainability issues)
  • REST is Dead GraphQL is future. So let’s rewrite all REST APIs to GraphQL
  • ReactJS is faster than Angular. Using ReactJs will make my application faster automatically.

Just a friendly reminder:

I sometime ramble out my thoughts loud about the profession of software construction and these thoughts may sound conflicting. In case you don’t you agree or like them. Please keep in mind that this is the beauty of internet people can conflicting opinions and we can still live in peace. Have a nice day.

Things I Love: Coding, Soccer, Video Games, Shopping, Gym