Full stack developer with more than 7 years of experience in the field of IT and absolutely enjoyed these 7 years. Involved in every phase of software development life cycle Requirement gathering, analysis, system design, testing, debugging, implementation and maintenance of N - Tier web based applications with a major focus on Microsoft.NET technologies.

Weakness: Big advocate of using best practices whether it is application architecture or small issue like variable naming conventions if they are not done right they bother me way more than they should.

Things I Love: Coding, Soccer, Video Games, Shopping, Coding You may think I mentioned coding twice by mistake actually I love coding so much i think it totally deserve to be mentioned twice

Technologies i Love :

Back End

  • .NET Core
  • ASP.NET Web API 2
  • SQL
  • C#
  • Entity Framework
  • MS SQL
  • IIS
  • Project KATANA (OWIN)
  • Microsoft SSRS
  • MS Build
  • Design Patterns

Front End

  • Javscript
  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • React-Redux
  • Immutable JS
  • Bootstrap
  • ES6

Tools that i use everyday

  • Agile
  • GIT
  • VSTS
  • Azure
  • Webpack